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The Tenth Law of Karma

History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path​

So here we are four months post altMBA and I find myself repeating, applying and reapplying so much of what we learned during those wonderful 4 weeks as I work through the Nike Grind project.

Especially all the things I dreaded back then but I am now embracing. The 99 business ideas, business model canvas, product adoption and the funnel. Digging into the worldview and asking the question again.

What would I have to believe to purchase a Nike Grind Olympic sized plate?​

It all applies every step of the way. It's amazing this whole experience and what we have accomplished to this point and yet I am sitting here resisting to write about myself, AGAIN.

So this is where the tenth law of karma rears its ugly head.

What about writing about myself is scary?


What if people think I'm dumb?

What if people think I'm not interesting?

What if my story turns people off?

What if the world ends after reading my awful story?

What if my story is inspiring and changes someone?

That last sentence is what we all want. But some of us never get there because we let the other sentences slow us down and stop us in our tracks.

We ultimately want to change someone. We crave that feeling of changing someone even if in the smallest way. Making someone's day a little brighter and a little lighter.

In Seth's words from "Leap First" he says

"Here, I made this for you. I hope it changes you."

Maybe someone will read my story and say "YES! I want to know more! I am like she and I can do this too!"


Maybe someone will say "this is ok but I have a better idea."

Should I care in either situation? I changed someone in both scenarios.

So is karma's role in all of this teaching me not to care about the outcome? Not to be concerned with things I can't control like how someone will react or respond. I only need to act and act swiftly as to not be knocked down by karma.

As I lean in and embrace the karma and attempt to answer this question

Who are you and what brings you purpose in your work?

I will leave you with a stoic quote that has resonated with me in the last couple of weeks and lean in with me.

First say to yourself what you will be, and then do what you have to do~Epictetus